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Best Practice | Features 26 Feb 18

Regulators make ready to clean up the industry

A more rigorous approach by regulators is under way in jurisdictions around the world, aimed at tackling malpractice by financial advisers and others within the financial services industry.

Best Practice | Gallery 23 Feb 18

How new Isle of Man pension freedoms differ starkly from the UK

The Isle of Man budget on 20 February introduced the concept of pension freedoms to the island’s pensions legislation, setting out some stark differences to the already established UK rules.

Best Practice | Analysis 23 Feb 18

Mainstream ways of dealing with clients are ‘not working’  

The traditional consultation-based approach to advising clients is an outdated practice that must end, according to Brian Foster, chief executive of Beyond RDR.

Alternatives | News 22 Feb 18

UK opens cryptocurrency inquiry

Bitcoin, ether and other digital currencies are to come under scrutiny in the UK after the Treasury Committee announced on Thursday it has launched an inquiry into digital currencies and the technology behind them.

Features 22 Feb 18

Is the pan-European pension plan a flop in the making?

The pan-European personal pension product aims to make long-term savings simpler while providing greater mobility across EU borders but there are critics that say the scheme, unless radically rethought, is doomed to fail.

Best Practice | 21 Feb 18

Simplified IHT rules could go live in 2019

The UK’s Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) will publish a report on the processes and complexities around inheritance tax (IHT) in autumn 2018, opening the door to the possibility that IHT could be simplified within the next two years.

Analysis 21 Feb 18

Leading industry figures respond to the cryptocurrency mania

As cryptocurrencies grab headlines with sky-high valuations, governments and the financial industry remain split over how to respond.

Best Practice | 20 Feb 18

Three adviser wish lists for future IHT overhaul in UK

Inheritance tax rules are yet again set to change in a bid by the UK chancellor Philip Hammond to simplify the process.

Best Practice | 20 Feb 18

UK pensions watchdog and police team up in cold-calling case

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) and the police are jointly investigating a number of pension schemes suspected of being linked to cold calling, resulting in a trustee being appointed to a wealth management firm.

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