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Investment | News 17 Nov 17

RBS to launch robo-advice proposition

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is preparing to launch a robo-advice service for more than five million customers.

Alternatives | Analysis 17 Nov 17

Will Europe’s most popular fund continue to steal the show?

This year alone, the Pimco Income fund has attracted more than €28bn in net new money from European investors, according to Morningstar data. This is almost half of all net inflows into unconstrained bond funds this year, and has made the $64.3bn (€54.6bn) strategy the world’s largest actively managed fund. There are few, if any examples of funds that have attracted so much money in such a short time. Even the inflows the Standard Life GARS fund saw in its heydays are peanuts compared to the money the Pimco Income Fund has attracted this year. Can it continue?

Asia | News 17 Nov 17

Hong Kong advisers says no to fee-based model

A majority of the industry responding to the SFC’s proposal on “enhancing industry regulation” were against introducing the fee-based model in Hong Kong.

Investment | News 16 Nov 17

Stock Connect turnover passes $1trn

The total value of trading over the two Mainland-Hong Kong Stock Connect schemes since the launch of the Shanghai link three years ago has surpassed $1trn.

News 16 Nov 17

UK’s worst manager shuts up shop

Jayesh Manek will be shutting his flagship growth fund after 20 years, following years of being one of the UK’s worst performing managers.

News 16 Nov 17

Have marmite housebuilders bounced back?

UK housebuilders have come a long way since their lows post-EU referendum, but is the sector stable enough to ride the wave of higher inflation and continued political uncertainty?

News 15 Nov 17

Robeco launches global credits short maturity strategy

Robeco has launched a short duration version of their Global Credits strategy, which focuses on developed investment grade corporate bonds with a maximum of six years maturity.

News 15 Nov 17

Impact investing taking root in Asia

In a bid to help address challenging global circumstances, a growing number of Asia’s high net worth (HNWI) and ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWI) are looking to increase their portfolio allocation to impact investing.

Analysis 14 Nov 17

Bull market is entering extra time, says Robeco

The nine-year bull market is going into extra time now, thinks Robeco. A real possibility is that the match will end in a sudden death, by a major world leader’s own goal. And that’s someone who’s fonder of football than Donald Trump.

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