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Novia Global launches trustee investment governance service

Investment | News 24 Sep 18

Bond ETFs democratise barbell strategies

Fixed income strategy can be implemented with just two products

Investment | News 21 Sep 18

Recession not imminent despite flattening yield curve

Spread between two and 10-year treasury yields has fallen from 2.6% to 0.2% in five years

Investment | News 20 Sep 18

Top rated small asset manager outperforms large peer

Scope’s top small asset manager Comgest outperforms group’s top large manager Kepler-Fonds, according to Morningstar data

J Safra Sarasin in U-turn on Japan equities

Investment | News 20 Sep 18

The Japanese companies enjoying a revival

Most investment in Japan goes into the more famous names but local companies are the real growth story

Investment | 19 Sep 18

First State Investments’ UK funds make their own Brexit

Asset manager joins its peers in shifting EU assets in its UK funds to Ireland ahead of Brexit

Where next for Roman Abramovich's UK visa?

Asia | 19 Sep 18

Schroders and UOB AM join fund passport scheme

Seven fund managers have now joined the cross-border Asean Collective Investment Scheme

Equities | 18 Sep 18

Northern financial advisers braver about Brexit

Twice as many IFAs in south of England expect cash to be the worst performing asset over the next 12 months

Heartwood adds lower-risk options to sustainable range

News 18 Sep 18

Robo-advisers not ready to offer ESG portfolios

Three quarters of investors interested in ethical investing but online providers bemoan lack of suitable products

Investment | 17 Sep 18

US market would survive Trump impeachment

Economic data indicates US recession is at least two and a half years away

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