One thought on “Two in three still confused by pension freedom rules”

  • Maria Madrid says:

    People are “confused” by pension/financial “products” and increasingly distrustful of them. Hardly a day goes by without reports of scams, Ponzi type schemes and other frauds which often leave the victim/investor destitute.

    The industry responds by trotting out the same old clichéd excuses … “you should have read the small print”, “If you wait a little longer everything will get better” and “Blame everyone except us”.

    Some “regulatory authorities” are next to useless particularly where the frauds are based in opaque and unfathomable “off shore tax havens”. More education in schools would help, but far more important is to bring the industry under control and demand transparency, responsibility and accountability – until this comes about more and more people will simply not trust the “financial industry” or the “financial advisers” it spawns.

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