2 thoughts on “STM responds to Nigel Green’s ‘best of bad bunch’ comment”

  • Martyn Sinclair says:

    What exactly do most trustees do?

    *take fees
    *operate the trust “execution only” style
    *take no interest in commissions taken by the unregulated and unlicensed advisors
    *in Mr Green’s case, do not question whether deVere are independent or the whether the investment is suitable
    *in most cases their relationship is with the investment provider, not the ultimate beneficiary

    deVere v STM / is a bit like a second hand car salesman comparing notes with a double glazing salesman…..

  • Bethell Codrington says:

    “Pot and kettle” come to mind. A few Trustees (unfortunately not enough) vet who they deal with, and would not entertain business from some international firms. Mind you, if you buy a Trustee, they are slightly obliged to take your business, irrespective of the quality. No questions asked.

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