5 thoughts on “Platforms are dead, says The Lang Cat boss”

  • I presume 5% is first year cost including advice and implementation. It’s a little steep, but the cost of advice is artificially supported by regulatory barriers rather than technology.

    I wonder whether vanguard with ‘free’ platform and quarter percent annual cost is a platform or a disruptor in this analysis.

    I think it overlooks the power of brand. Hargreaves has egregious charges in places, yet continues to be trumpeted by those who claim to be charges aware. I don’t see them under threat.

  • Barry Honeyman says:

    I think we need to remember that price and value are two different things. Value can be improved by user experience, ease of transaction, level of engagement etc. This is where HL has grown so quickly, its a simple online set up process.

    We also have to be mindful that consumers have the choice of where they invest so they will choose either the solution that is the cheapest (if they are price aware) or best functionality/choice or whichever variation works for them.

    If the client is going direct the investment provider they are eliminating the advice cost to a degree.

    I personally feel the next real disruption will come from the Tech companies, like Google and Apple invest!

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