4 thoughts on “Old Mutual Int’l to sue over structured product commission”

  • Hiromi Kiyono says:

    Kenny said: “Investors deserve fair pricing, simplicity and transparency – it is the responsibility of all market participants to deliver against these requirements for the international financial services industry to have a sustainable future with good customer outcomes provided by trusted brands.

    like all of OMI products….

  • In Germany there are several high court decision that derivatives like “autocallable notes” or such structured products are unsuitable for pension plans. Any IFA – and there are some that are known to sell only those – who offer and advise these in Germany to residents of Germany or from the outside into Germany to German residents is committing a clear and undisputable case of malpractice.


  • David McFadyen says:

    Not sure I understand how significant financial losses have arisen – if it means that investors have lost some of their returns because of the extent of commissions and would have had better returns from products with lower commission rates, that makes sense.

  • stuart.alldus@yahoo.co.uk says:

    It has nothing to do with OMI wanting to punt more of their own in-house notes (in conjunction with BNP I believe). Nothing at all.

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