3 thoughts on “FCA questioned over unregulated Sipp investments”

  • Maria Madrid says:

    At present it appears that a “Product Provider” can avoid due diligence and publish misleading information/claims … but when a financial advisor (simply another name for an “agent”) repeats these false claims to an investor he is held accountable. Time to hold the product providers to account and prosecute them for fraud ( where necessary).

  • Jane Hodges says:

    Seriously a SIPP is designed so people who want to can Invest in a range of investments. I personally use a SIPP and very much want the full range of options. We shouldn’t be banning the ability to invest that just isn’t fair on those who want the option- the focus should be on making sure that unregulated investments are not promoted to or recommended to the wrong clients…… i hate it when we try and manage risk using such a blunt tool.

  • Andrew Cheeseman says:

    It cannot be a coincidence that so many SIPP firms failed to interpret regulations. The root cause being the FCA gave no guidance and now wish to regulate in retrospect. Let’s see what the judge says as part of the recent judicial review.

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