3 thoughts on “Failed Columna fund targeted by financial investigator”

  • peterbarker1968@hotmail.com says:

    Hiya, this is exactly what happened to me with a 200k investment.
    Anyone know how to contact David Mapley ?
    As a lone investor my attemps to gain clarity of the fund just prior to my investment have fallen on deaf ears..
    Any help greatly appreciated

  • Nicholas Huntriss says:

    I’ve sent the following e-mail to David (info@intel-suisse.com)

    Dear David,

    I was encouraged to read the article written about you in IA.

    Can we set up a call. A significant amount of funds came from a network of FA’s I know in Sao Paulo. My personal clients are exposed for about a US$1m. I may have some interesting information you may not already know about. I also visited Julien Renaux at LFP whilst I was in Luxembourg towards the end of last year. Been back many times since and he has refused all communication. I appreciate his firm amalgamated with Alter Domus.

    Let’s gain momentum through an army of pressure.


    Nicholas B. C. Huntriss
    Director & Private Broker
    Lugano Financial & Lugano FX

    55 11 97602 7431

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