One thought on “Brits win court decision on post-Brexit citizenship”

  • Why should Brits living inside the EU be given better conditions than EU citizens living in Britain? The only equitable solution in this matter is that the EU reciprocates the UK government policy to the letter… and applies the five year rule without question.

    Why should 60 million Brits be given automatic right to apply for EU citizens when EU citizens in Britain can’t. It appears that the Brits consider it “profoundly important” that they have their cake and eat it.

    Brexit will flush out the thousands of Brit expats who have been living below the radar never completing a tax return in any country, and often illegally using free health services in Britain and another EU country by pretending they live in both.

    It is a positive development that Brits are forced to be fully legalised post Brexit – and if they don’t qualify under the five year rule the Spanish (whose economy depends on the continuing good will of British tourists) are hardly likely to expel those who have been lawfully living in their country FULLY compliant with all and various legal and fiscal obligations.

    Those Brits who have been trying-it-on (and there are plenty) deserve to be slung out of the EU! And Britain should do the same with their own “illegals” and health service tourists!

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