2 thoughts on “Aussie Royal Commission: How did we get here and what’s next?”

  • Adrian Thomson says:

    Would you be able to send this article to me so I could post it on Twitter, I lost a lot of money in the LM MPF, it’s destroyed my life after asking for my money back after the giver period of time was up, they told me I would gain extra interest, but I never got a single penny back from my 1 year investment, that was due in July 2012. They closed there doors in March 2013.
    I’ve done everything I can I know of 1 person who took own life, I’ve asked on numerous occasions why didn’t ASIC close them down, but alas they are muppets. So if I could send this post out to the community on Twitter it would be a great help. Regards Adrian Thomson.

    • Kirsten Hastings says:

      Hi Adrian, thank you for your comment. The article can be posted on various social media sites using the icons under the headline or at the very bottom of the article. Clicking on the Twitter bird or LinkedIn icon should open a new window that is linked to your social media account. Best wishes, Kirsten Hastings (editor).

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