One thought on “Are robots the next tax dodgers?”

  • John Stirling says:

    Are robots the next tax dodgers? No.

    I’m afraid this article was so poorly researched I am here writing a comment that I know damn well no one will ever read.

    Automation has been decried as the death of employment since long before the invention of the loom, which was perhaps the first big automation ‘win’. Each time it has resulted in increased productivity, greater wealth for the nation, and consequently a generally improved standard of living for the populace, after a relatively short period of adjustment, often categorised by those without the flexibility to easily adapt complaining, campaigning and in some cases rioting.

    Advising is already part of the ‘knowledge based economy’ – so to suggest that we should put some artificial barrier to automation is protectionism of the lowest order – Robo-advice may actually reach out and advise the vast swathes of the population who cannot afford personalised advice, and should be applauded for that; to put barriers in its way would be cronyism of the worst order

    The advisory model will evolve, and I hope that technology, whether a ‘robo adviser’ or a ‘robo administrator’ is allowed and enabled to make it happen.

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